Who Is your Bias? (Segment with sarah)

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5 fav Boys Groups
  • GOT7
  • SHINee
  • BTS
  • BAP
  • Big Bang

5 fav girl groups
  • Red Velvet
  • SNSD
  • F(x)
  • Twice
  • 4Minute

10 Bias

  • Irene Red Velvet
  • JB GOT7
  • Onew SHINee
  • Yongguk BAP
  • GD Big Bang
  • Yoona SNSD
  • Victoria F(x)
  • Nayeon Twice
  • Hyuna 4Minute

reason why you love your ultimate bias

My ultimate bias is Irene from Red Velvet. Her real name is Bae Joohyun. I love her so much and I have been supporting her since debut. She's such a friendly girl. I love the way she treat her fans. and also I love her voice and the way she rap. She's such a cute person and I wish that I could meet her in a person so I could hug her >3< I have made a fanpage dedicated to her on instagram and it's @IRENESREDVELVET . I update her pictures and videos daily. And I absolutely can't wait for RV's comeback this month! #THEVELVET :D

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Sarah said...

thank you for joiningg~ we gonna fly with Got7 later haha

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